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Optimize Your Fundraising Campaign with the StoryBrand Framework

As featured on the Pursuant Go Beyond Podcast.

Listen to the full podcast episode: “The Secret to Capturing Attention (and Results!) In Your Year-End Campaign” 

At Heights Strategic Marketing, we take a time-tested approach to your marketing: stories. By leveraging the proven StoryBrand Framework, our clients join thousands of other organizations that have redefined how they position themselves. We use a counter-intuitive (to some), but wildly effective strategy: we focus your nonprofit’s message on your donor’s story and how you help them win. When you do that, everyone wins. Especially your clients or the community you serve.

10 Questions to Ensure a Clear and Effective Year-End Campaign

Does your year-end campaign need to stand out above the noise?

You deserve a clear message to make your organization stand out. In our free guide, we reveal the 10 key questions you should ask (and answer!) to rise above the year-end noise and captivate your potential donors.

Leverage the power of the StoryBrand Framework, which has helped hundreds of leading nonprofit organizations communicate their cause more effectively – at year-end and all year long. 

Download this resource, apply the tips, and begin to watch your results soar!

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