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Choose your marketing partner with confidence.

How do you know if we’re a good fit?

Choosing the right marketing partner is an important decision.

When it’s all said and done, that partner will either make you money or cost you money. 

Your company isn’t designed to serve everyone, and neither are we. 

Great fit clients are companies where we know our expertise and process will produce positive results for them. 

If the following resonates with you, let’s have a conversation to confirm fit.

Clients typically hire us when one or more of the following is true: 

  • You’re ready to get serious about marketing but aren’t sure where to start
  • You want to align your marketing with your sales efforts to maximize your results
  • Your marketing message is unclear and not attracting the right clients
  • Your leadership team is ready for marketing support to ensure you focus on the right things
  • You’re a service-based, expertise business whose value is in the quality of service you deliver for your clients
  • Most of your company’s growth to date is a result of referrals, and you have little experience with digital marketing to attract qualified leads
  • You want to implement StoryBrand, or They Ask, You Answer principles
  • You’re ready to invest in marketing and want to know how to best allocate your budget

We’re not a good fit if…

  • You want an order taker rather than strategic direction
  • Your leadership doesn’t have time to engage in marketing decisions
  • You are in crisis mode and need a full pipeline of leads yesterday (or next week)
  • Your annual marketing budget is less than $60k
  • You operate an e-commerce, retail, or personal brand business

What Types of Businesses do we work with?

Most of our clients sell their expertise or an experience. They typically have a high-touch sales and service delivery process.

Size and Stage of Business

Partner With a Firm Who Shares Your Values

In addition to aligning our expertise and process with your business needs, it’s also important that our values align so we’re set up for a healthy collaboration.

Our Values Align If You…

  • Value a holistic approach to marketing and sales
  • Prioritize long-term success in addition to quick wins
  • Value experts who bring clear recommendations to the table
  • Are growth-minded and committed to being “an A player” in your field
  • Understand that to get the best results, your leadership must champion your marketing and sales efforts
  • Know there’s no magic bullet to fix all your marketing or sales problems 
  • Believe your customers are intelligent buyers, and you want your marketing and sales processes to reflect that
  • Value work-life balance and respect healthy boundaries between work hours and time off
  • Value proactive, transparent communication to ensure alignment and a successful partnership

Are we a good fit for your needs?

Level Up Your Marketing Like These Clients

“It’s always been a challenge to explain what we do. Last year we hit a point where I knew a new season was ahead of us, and I was ready to invest in good marketing.

A lot of people build websites, but you need the framework in place for messaging clearly. Our website had just been a credibility point, but it wasn’t great. Now, with our new messaging, website, and sales funnel, Heights re-positioned the company for growth with an entirely upgraded digital presence.

Chris Carroll

Co-Founder & CEO, Healthcare Margin Specialists

We brought in Heights to provide marketing strategy insight because we want to think more proactively, expose blind spots, and prioritize the customer experience in innovative ways.

We’ve not only implemented Storybrand into our business, but with the help of the Heights team, we’ve thought through how it affects our whole strategy and approach.

They have taken the time to really “get” us, they bring new, forward-focused ideas to our meetings, and they ask questions we wouldn’t have considered. “

Mike Tenbusch

Bike Mart


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