Our Portfolio


Our Portfolio

It has been a privilege to be a strategic marketing partner of these incredible clients. We’d love to get in the mess with you and help you overcome your greatest marketing challenges. 

Healthcare Margin Specialists

HMS was entering a new phase of the business, and it was time to level up the marketing approach. We started with Brand Positioning – both a visual re-brand and going through the Storybrand Framework – and have since produced a website, lead generators, email sequences, virtual trade show collateral, and video. 

nGROUP Performance Partners

nGROUP wasn’t getting the results they’d expected from their former marketing firm. After reading the Storybrand book, the executive team decided to outsource their entire marketing department to our Heights team! We’ve re-positioned their brand, overhauled their website, and produced sales collateral, trade show campaigns, and videos. 

Upside CFO

This business owner was separating from his former partner and wanted to carve out his own brand, leveraging the power of Storybrand to reach growth-minded businesses with outsourced CFO Services. We helped him name the brand, establish the visual branding, messaging, and essential Storybrand collateral. 


REATA originally hired Heights to help them craft Storybranded email sequences and lead generators. It became obvious that the conversion of the emails would depend on having an effective website to drive to. The Heights team overhauled REATA’s website and helped them level up their entire digital presence. 

Coreology Fitness

Coreology Fitness was about to open 2 new studios in the greater Los Angeles area, and they wanted to ensure they could stand out in a very crowded industry. They enlisted the Heights team to take them through the Storybrand process, advise on their website, and produce a lead generator and several email sequences. 

Honest Buck Accounting

This Seattle-based accounting firm wanted to focus their marketing to attract early childhood businesses like preschools, daycares, and private schools. Heights took them through the Storybrand process, delivered a Brandscript and One-Liner, wrote their website copy, and composed their downloadable lead magnet and email sales sequence. 

Dallas Capital Bank

Dallas Capital Bank wanted to stand out in a crowded space as a mid-sized bank with the best of big banks (technology and expertise) and small banks (relationships and customer service). Heights was brought in to apply the Storybrand Framework to write effective copy for their annual report, which they use as sales and marketing collateral.

Income Property Specialists

Income Property Specialists needed to re-position their brand as more than a property management firm. They enlisted the Heights team to elevate their brand message and visual identity to reach high net worth investors and family offices looking for a firm to manage their real estate portfolios.

Halftime Institute

Halftime Institute needed to expand its product suite but didn’t want it to detract from their main offering. They engaged the Heights team to re-imagine their product portfolio, name and brand new services, and produce high-quality video to capture the attention of their target clients. 

Villa Des Parfums

Social enterprise Villa des Parfums wanted collateral that would start conversations. They were headed to a series of conferences and trades shows, so they enlisted our team to help them capture the attention of buyers and partners. In addition, our Heights team has consulted on their social media strategy and websites for their nonprofit and their real estate business. 

Calina Consulting

Rachelle Calina was launching her financial coaching practice alongside her full-service outsourced accounting firm, Honest Buck Accounting. She didn’t want the hassle of having to determine how to differentiate her offer and stand out in a crowded market of so many coaches and “experts”. She enlisted the Heights team to craft Storybrand messaging and website copy for Calina Consulting and was off to serve her new clientele quickly and effectively. 

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