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Get better ROI on your marketing with this word

It’s the one word that can increase your connection with your prospect and generate more sales. 

No, it’s not “FREE.” Or “SALE.” 

And this isn’t a marketing gimmick. It’s about connection. 

The word is YOU.

The more your marketing can say “you” and “your” and the less it talks about “we” and “us” and “our,” the more you’ll connect with your prospect and the closer you’ll get to the sale. 

Unfortunately, too many companies focus on telling their own story in their marketing. This is the equivalent of meeting someone for the first time at a party who only wants to talk about themselves. 

You know the type. You also know how they make you feel.  A smidge bored. A little unseen. And not too keen to keep engaging.

That’s exactly what happens when your marketing is full of “we” and not enough “you.” Your prospect doesn’t feel connected and loses interest. 

This is why your marketing must tell your CUSTOMER’S story, not your company’s.

Did we totally confuse you? Are you wondering how on earth you’ll ever sell your services if you never talk about your company? 

Hear us out:

When you talk about your company, it should primarily be in regard to how you help the customer solve a problem or overcome a struggle. You act as the GUIDE, helping your prospect see how your products and services help them live a better life. 

Your customer plays the role of the HERO, and in so doing, they see how they will OVERCOME their struggles when they do business with YOU. 

(You’ve most likely heard us reference the StoryBrand framework that we use to craft strategy and messaging for our clients. This principle of using narrative to position the customer as the hero and the brand as the guide is what makes StoryBrand distinct AND successful.)


  1. Audit for we/us/our language. Go through your website or email campaign and highlight all mentions of you/your in green and all the mentions of we/us/our in red.
  2. Follow the 80/20 rule here. No more than 20% of your marketing should be about we/us. You should be talking about “you” (your customer) at least 80% of the time.

Need help making the shift and making it sound authentic? Set up a call. We’d love to help! That’s what we do best.

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