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6 of the Best StoryBrand Websites (examples to inspire your site redesign)

Chances are, you’re familiar with Donald Miller’s book, “Building a StoryBrand,” and how it helps businesses connect with their ideal customers through the power of story.

Fact: Our brains LOVE stories.

They’re a sense-making device used by the movie industry to hook your curiosity and generate billions of dollars every year. Donald Miller took the story framework that’s been used for centuries, from Aristotle to modern-day Hollywood, and applied the same principles to marketing — hence, the StoryBrand Framework.

If you’re currently exploring the StoryBrand Framework and how it can help you tell your business’ story online, it’s important to first take a look at your current website.

  • In the first five seconds of landing on your homepage, can someone understand what you do and identify with the transformation you’re promising?
  • Does it clearly communicate the problem you solve?
  • Is it more about your ideal customer, and less about “you”?

If not, then the StoryBrand Framework will help take your website to new heights. 🚀

At Heights Strategic Marketing, we believe the most effective websites are the ones that communicate a clear message, and leveraging the StoryBrand Framework is one of the best ways to resonate with your audience the second they land on your site.

Over the past five years, our team has crafted more than 100 StoryBrand websites. We like to keep a pulse on the best website examples from fellow Certified StoryBrand Guides, so we’ve curated a list featuring our top six favorite sites from within the Guide community.

In this article, we’ll show you six website examples that nail it, explain why they’re our favorite, and how they follow the key principles of StoryBrand.

Let’s dive in!

🔍 Need a refresher on the StoryBrand Framework? Read a brief summary here!

#1: Marcus Performing Arts Center

Written by StoryBrand Guide: Dana Casto of Whispr Strategic Marketing

Winning StoryBrand Principles: Communicate the “hero” on three main pages.

This is a fantastic example of a website telling a clear story that highlights the customer as the hero! On THREE different pages, they paint the picture of what an experience at the Marcus Center is like – just look at those headers! 😍

Marcus Performing Arts Center by Dana Casto of Whispr Strategic Marketing

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • They have two very clear calls to action – “Get tickets” and “Host an Event.”
  • The photos and copy work well together to tell a complete story.
  • They play the guide, not the hero, throughout the website.
  • On their “donate” page, they let the audience know where their donations come from – an excellent example of playing the guide.
  • They list what kind of events they host – both in the navigation menu and on the main “event” page.
  • They make it clear that if we’re looking for a world-class venue, that’s what they are.

#2: Landscape Lighting Pro

Written by StoryBrand Guides: Paige Worthy and Jena Gribble

Winning StoryBrand Principles: Clearly and visually depict customer success and forecasting transformation 

If you’re looking for a website that fully immerses you in the story – this is it! From the balance of beautiful photos to the simple use of copy, they effortlessly invite you into what your life could look like if you “just add light!” 💡

Landscape Lighting Pro by Paige Worthy and Jena Gribble

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • They use very little text, but every word is effective.
  • The navigation has been simplified so the call to action stands out – “Request a Consultation.”
  • They give clear examples of what you can enjoy when you “just add light.”
  • Their problem section shares the “stakes” in a relatable way – “Don’t spend another night wishing you could be outside…”
  • The photos help complete the picture of what life could look like.

#3: Friendship Christian School

Written by StoryBrand Guide: Katie Lantukh of Murphy Marketing

Winning StoryBrand Principles: Consistent call to action and useful problem section.

We’re loving the way this website is structured – from a header that gets straight to the point, to a clear value stack and a consistent call to action found throughout. Not only that, but their problem section is SO helpful for prospective parents who are trying to determine if their child is a good fit. Just look! ⤵️

Friendship Christian School by Katie Lantukh of Murphy Marketing

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • They get straight to what the customer wants – “A school where your child will be seen and known.” They are differentiating from an experience where your child is just a number in a system. 
  • They include their call to action button again IN the value stack – genius! 
  • Their value stack lists key features that prospective parents care about.
  • The photos and copy help paint the full picture of how they ensure that your child will thrive.
  • The navigation is simple, so you know exactly what to do.

#4: The Opt-In

Written by StoryBrand Guide: Beth Carr of Fortified Branding

Winning StoryBrand Principles: Problem section addresses customer worries

This is a B2B consulting website that does a great job at inviting the customer into a compelling story. As you scroll through the site, it’s very clear who they serve and the problem they solve. They get into the minds of their customers and address their worries – like leaving money on the table. 💸

The Opt-In by Beth Carr of Fortified Branding

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • Their story is consistent throughout the site.
  • They directly address their customers’ wants – “Stay relevant. Meet today’s market and talent expectations.”
  • They communicate their authority, without seeming egotistical.
  • They address possible objections on the homepage, like “How do you measure DEI progress?” 
  • They’re very detailed, which is great for the skeptical, left-brained CEO (their target customer).
  • Their graphics help tell the story visually so that the information feels easy to understand. 

#5: Hardscapes

Written by StoryBrand Guide: Thom Van Dyke

Winning StoryBrand Principles: Simple navigation and strong problem section

This website is as simple as it gets when it comes to a navigation bar! You only have two options – “Request Quote” or view the “Photo Gallery.” We love this approach because it reduces the clutter and clearly directs the customer where to take the next step. 📣

Hardscapes by Thom Van Dyke

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • They don’t overstate what they do, because their logo and business name do it for them.
  • They use their photos to complete the story – both throughout the site and in the photo gallery.
  • Their problem section is strong and resonates with their customers. They hone in on their desired experiences, beyond having a nice outdoor space.
  • Their one-liner (think: short elevator pitch) is fantastic – “What keeps you from making amazing outdoor memories with your friends and family? At Hardscapes, we do one thing; we design and build beautiful landscapes for you to entertain family and friends.”

#6: New England Temperature Solutions

Written by StoryBrand Guide: Laura Phaladi of Pula Marketing

Winning StoryBrand Principles: Value stack that differentiates

This website does an incredible job of differentiating the company from the competition, especially in the value stack. Sure, they help with temperature control, but they provide detailed information as to why someone should work with them – gold! 🌟

New England Temperature Solutions by Laura Phaladi of Pula Marketing

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • Their call to action is repeated throughout the site – “Give Us a Call.”
  • They have fantastic testimonials that showcase their credibility.
  • Even in an industry like industrial heating and cooling systems, their brand voice has personality – “We’d love to be your friend. Who happens to know a lot about industrial temperature systems.”
  • Their photos help communicate that friendly voice and great experience they want their customer to expect. 

BONUS: Samreens Vanity

Written by StoryBrand Guide: Beth Carr of Fortified Branding

Winning StoryBrand Principles: About page makes their customer the “hero”

Alright, we couldn’t help ourselves – this About page is just too good not to include! Oftentimes, businesses will use their About page to share more about themselves, but this website flips the script and decides to use it as another opportunity to resonate with their customers. You’ve got to see this! 👏

Samreens Vanity by Beth Carr of Fortified Branding

Other Note-Worthy Pieces:

  • They clearly address their customer’s wants – “You want to look and feel amazing with products made and formulated specially for you.”
  • They still tell you about the company, but it still points back to the customer. (Read the founder’s story!)
  • The photography is stunning, aspirational, and visually completes the story.

Capture Your Audience with a Compelling Website

Overall, the StoryBrand Framework is a great way to capture your customer’s attention on your website. 

By inviting them into a story that’s all about them, that clearly addresses the problems they face, and ultimately, provides a solution to their problem – your website is bound to win them over in just a few seconds.

👉 Are you a non-profit, ministry, or school? Check out some more great examples here for inspiration. 

At Heights Strategic Marketing, we leverage the StoryBrand Framework to help our clients create a message and strategy that will not only communicate their offer more clearly but also give the entire team a common language. We’d love to help you craft yours. Request a call with our team today! 

🔍 Looking for more website inspiration? Check out our portfolio for more StoryBranded websites.

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